What is a Modern Living Room Bench?

The modern living room bench, much like a mirror for the living room, is a beautifully functional but also very tricky accent piece for your living room or common areas. When utilized correctly into your bigger interior design picture, the accent bench offers pops of color, useful additional seating, and another surface area to use for decor such as pillows or throw blankets. In addition to being an accent piece capable of showcasing other accent decor, a living room bench can be the perfect piece to place against a wall beneath a mirror, use as an additional ottoman for relaxing, or simply tuck under a console table, depending on your overarching interior design and spatial accomodations. Many bedroom benches are interchangeable with living room benches because they are colorful and soft, and are selected for what room they will go in more from personal preference and spatial availability than from any standard design functions. The difference between a modern living room bench and a traditional living room bench is in the level of intricacy, choice of material components, and level of decoration. Traditional living room benches feature heavy darker colors, carved legs, whirls and patterns, gilding, or other ornamentation. Modern contemporary living room benches strip all of that away to reveal the core internal beauty of simpler geometric lines around polished metal, light colored upholstery, high gloss technologically-inspired plastics and evolved designs that create a sense of light sophistication and elegance.