Shop for a Contemporary Chest or Modern Bedroom Chest

What is a Modern Bedroom Chest?

In terms of furniture design, the modern bedroom chest is similar to a dresser except taller, less wide, and containing more drawers beneath a flat tabletop surface. Designed for people with less space who do not want the width of the dresser, a modern bedroom chest is a great option as a taller elegant piece that lends well to your space while providing strong functionality for storage and decor. Modern bedroom chests can also be added to large rooms that already have dressers in order to add even more storage and a modern bedroom chest can also be called a chest of drawers or a bureau.

What is a Contemporary Chest?

A contemporary chest blends the best elements of modern and contemporary design into a trendy yet functional storage form. Taller than a dresser and less in width, a contemporary chest provides great color and material opportunities to showcase bursts of polished stainless steel, high gloss lacquers, and visually stunning geometric designs while providing structural utility in the form of storage.

Modern Chest of Drawers

Looking for the perfect modern chest of drawers?

Browse our selection of modern bureaus and chests of drawers to find the color and form that best integrates into your selected interior design and bedroom design. Make sure the piece provides the right flow with the bed and room layout to maximize the aesthetic beauty and functional benefit.

What is a Contemporary Chest of Drawers?

Unlike a dresser, which typically has multiple columns of drawers stacked both vertically and horizontally, a contemporary chest of drawers usually has a single column of drawers stacked vertically. A dresser also often comes with a mirror or the width to hold a mirror while the top surface of a chest of drawers is better suited towards home decor or visible storage elements.

How to Choose the Right Modern Bureau

The modern bureau you select should complement the bed and nightstands in both color and accent materials. Clean white, light gray, dark gray, and wood tones are the most popular colors for a modern bureau or chest of drawers. The piece is too large to allow it to act as the source of brighter hues and tones, which are best served coming from smaller decor items and furniture pieces like benches, pillows, art, and decorations.