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What are Modern Bar Stools?

Modern bar stools are 28″-31″ high and designed to fit the modern bar or dining room bar table. If you need bar stools from 23″-26″ then you are looking for counter height stools rather than bar stools, which are taller. Modern bar stools are beautiful to both sit in and look at, and build off the modern designs inherent in simple pleasing designs, polished steel, and refreshing aesthetics. The blend of comfort and style make them the perfect fit for any bar. You and your family and guests will sit in style as you enjoy a shared cocktail and stories. Just make sure that you select your modern bar stools in a manner that incorporates any existing design structures you have in place so that they blend well aesthetically with your dining room or entertainment area.

Bar Height Bar Stools

Looking for bar-height bar stools?

Contemporary Bar StoolsHere at SoBe Furniture, we specialize in modern and contemporary versions of the bar-height bar stool. Don’t settle for the same pieces at twice the price or any similar looking pieces that will fall apart in half the time. SoBe Furniture offers the best cross of value and price of anyone in South Florida which is why we encourage our customers to browse online, shop around, and visit other stores before they buy with us.

What are Contemporary Bar Stools?

Contemporary bar stools are light and airy, a blend of aspiring design and comfort in a simplistic manner that flows well with your color scheme and available space. The synergy of modern into contemporary when it comes to furniture is a match made in heaven, as both styles complement each other in a way that gives the customer the best of both worlds. You get a foundation in a new refreshing take built on cutting edge materials and designs without all the heavy ornamentation or unnecessary elements. This keeps everything clean, comfortable, smooth, and aesthetically elegant.