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What are Modern Bedroom Sets?

Modern Bedroom SetsModern bedroom sets are based on the design and aesthetic principles of modernism and modern furniture, dating from the late 19th century to the present. Instead of the heavy dark gilded woods with intricate patterns and excessive amounts of decoration and ornamentation, modern bedroom sets focus on the light and airy, the polished metals and smooth clean geometric surfaces. 

There is a reason for the high popularity of modern and contemporary bedroom sets, as these two styles blend harmoniously into a finished concept that is a delight for the senses and fits well into your existing floor and color schemes.  

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Looking for Modern Contemporary Bedroom Sets?

As mentioned above, the blend of modern into contemporary combines two of the most sought after timeless styles into one ideal. At SoBe all of our pieces are both modern and contemporary, so they will work in any setting or spacing, providing a fresh appealing look for your rooms or home as a whole. 

Don’t settle for the same pieces at twice the price. And don’t settle for similar looking pieces that will fall apart in half the time. SoBe Furniture offers the best intersection of price and value. We encourage comparison shopping. 

What are Contemporary Bedroom Sets?

Contemporary Bedroom SetsContemporary bedroom sets are the evolution of modernism into bedroom furniture through the eyes of visionary designers and breath taking lines.

These are the most popular styles from modern furniture taken to the next level through form, color, and material.

The options are endless and you simply have to consider whether you want the bedroom set to be the central focus of your modern contemporary home designs, or you want to pick a bedroom set that blends into the existing flow.