Modern Platform Beds and Contemporary Beds

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What are Modern Beds?

Contemporary BedsModern beds are bedroom furniture pieces designed using styles and thought processes from the modern era, which relates to a historical time period and the elements of artistic design and engineering relevant to that frame. Modern beds can fall into mid-century modern, early modern, late modern, or modern contemporary categories, though furniture stores typically sell modern beds that are a blend of modern and contemporary design styles, with a core in aesthetic beauty and simplicity blended with contemporary design materials and popular trending styles. Whether you are looking for a new bed, have just bought a new home, want to furnish a guest room, or are looking for the perfect bed for your vacation condo, you will find yourself in love with the amazing styles and shapes of modern beds as they are intensely pleasing to the eye and complement the natural flow of the floors and walls. The very nature of modernism is based on refreshment and an “out with the old” mentality that lives and breathes aesthetic pleasure and elegant lines. The light and airy feel will lift a room. When you combine this with an eye for lighting, color, floor types, wall color, and other natural or existing design elements, you can create a bedroom masterpiece that you will love every moment you spend in it.

What are Contemporary Beds?

Contemporary beds blend the best of the modern design world with the evolution of popular trends, cutting edge design styles, simple and elegant materials, and clean aesthetics to offer the best of all worlds when it comes to central bedroom furniture. A contemporary bedroom will enhance whatever natural light you have, blend beautifully with your floors and wall spacing, enhance the décor, rugs, accessories, dressers, nightstands, mirrors, or wall art you bring in, and overall provides a bed that will delight the eyes, body, and senses while providing it’s core function of creating a safe and restful sleep environment.

We have a huge selection of contemporary beds in all shapes, sizes, design styles, and material options. Your bed is the strong central focus on the bedroom, and while the mattress will be the important factor for sleep, the frame is what will excite the senses and provide the aesthetic pleasure. 

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What are Modern Platform Beds?

Modern Platform BedsModern platform beds refer to modern contemporary beds designed around the platform bed concept that eliminates the need for a boxspring or additional support, and utilizes slats or a platform board to support the top mattress structure, keeping the lines sleek and low, and allowing you to have a beautiful bed frame without the bulky central additions. Modern and contemporary platform beds not only look fantastically elegant but will provide a true showpiece and central theme for your bedroom. Just make sure you combine the stunning bed frame with a nice mattress to ensure that your comfort level matches the amazing look.

Many of the beds we offer here at SoBe furniture are platform beds. In fact, if you are shopping at a modern or contemporary furniture store, the reality is that over 95% are going to be contemporary modern platform beds. This style offers the best blend of comfort and design, eliminating the need for a box spring or inner frame to hold the mattress.