Safe Delivery & Successful Installation

This is the policy relating to SoBe deliveries and white glove installation where appropriate. 

At SoBe Furniture we are proud to offer affordable Delivery & Installation.

We charge the greater of $75.00 or 5.0% of the gross merchandise amount (not including any discounts), which is less than half the price of many of our competitors for our highly trained white-glove delivery service!

White glove refers to the care and handling with which the items are shipped, delivered, unloaded, carried, installed, and set up. 

When you want your new furniture purchases delivered, white glove delivery is the best means, and it is the only delivery solution we allow because of the high value of the merchandise and our commitment to excellence in all facets here at SoBe.

We would never want to see any of your items damaged or not shown the utmost care in transit so we ensure that all our white glove specialists are of the highest caliber and training. 

  • SoBe Furniture deliveries are available Monday through Friday, between 10:00 am and 5:00 pm;
  • You will be given a three-hour time window in which your delivery will be completed;
  • If you live in a condominium, apartment, or gated community with restrictions, the delivery will occur during the time allowed by the community. If your condominium, apartment or community requires proof of liability insurance, elevator reservations or has any other specific rules or regulations, please make arrangements with both SoBe Furniture and your community’s management office at least one week prior to your delivery;
  • Your delivery includes assembly and set up along with the removal of any packaging materials. Sorry, but we do not hang wall-mounted mirrors, pictures, or any other pieces of furniture which require wall assembly.


All online orders are processed immediately through our servers. You will be called within 30 minutes of placing an order to set up a date and time for your delivery.


Our delivery guys work hard and love helping, so just make sure to help them help you get your furniture delivered and set up safe and sound.

You can do this by making sure there is clear space to unload the furniture products and a clear path to carry the items to the designated room or area. 

To that end, and to make sure that they don’t have to delay your delivery, or the deliveries scheduled after yours, each customer is responsible for providing a clear path for delivery, free of impediments. 

Please note that any and all stairways, access doors, gates, elevators, garages, and other entryways must be tall enough and wide enough to allow for the safe handling of all delivery furniture.

A few minutes of prevention can avert all kinds of unnecessary issues, so please secure your home for delivery by covering exposed floors with protective material and removing any furniture or objects that may obstruct the delivery path or otherwise create difficulty with the delivery. SoBe Furniture is not responsible for damages that may result from a delivery in which the customer does not prepare their home as specified in these instructions.