Modern Dressers and Contemporary Dressers

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What is a Modern Bedroom Dresser?

Modern Bedroom DresserA modern bedroom dresser, synonymous with a modern dressing table, is comprised of a main body-unit inset with drawers stacked in a vertical manner, and topped with a table section for home decor, storing exposed items, and holding an attached or freestanding complimentary mirror. The modern stylistic designs of the bedroom dresser are typically simple and unadorned with aesthetically pleasing lines, beautiful material options, stunning or subdued natural colors, and an airy and light feel that is counter to the typical heavy and blocky nature of ornamental dressers from other design eras.

What are Contemporary Bedroom Dressers?

Contemporary DresserContemporary bedroom dressers have a foundation within the typical dresser structure integrating stacked drawers into a central body unit with a flat top surface for decor, exposed storage, and an attached or free standing mirror. The contemporary design element often integrates a modern contemporary feel combined with eclectic options from a variety of stunning eras and options to create an intensely aesthetically pleasing form. The contemporary style refers to the integration of the popular or trending, and involves cutting edge material components, design features, evolving furniture fashion, and forward thinking engineering.

What is a Modern Dresser?

A modern dresser is the popular shorter term for a modern bedroom dresser and builds on the structure of the traditional dresser yet steps away from the overly ornate into more simple lines and beautiful blends of lacquered color, wood, stainless steel or other polished metal, molded plywood, and glass elements.

Here at SoBe Furniture, we have a great selection of white, gray, black, natural, simple, and inspirational options founded in the minimalist principles of core beauty stripped of unwanted excesses. 

What is a Contemporary Dresser?

Modern DresserA contemporary dresser mirrors the contemporary flow of architecture and the environment to integrate seamlessly into the interior design of your bedroom and home. The contemporary elements convey ideas of intricate designs without weighing down the dresser with heavy ornamentation or frivolity. For function, the dresser is unmatched in bedroom utility and provides space for clothes, blankets, pillows, personal items, and more using a pull-out drawer structure within a main furniture body topped by a flat utility surface that can be kept clean and free or used for additional storage or decor placement. When you are selecting the right dresser for your bedroom, guest bedroom, new home, vacation condo, model unit, hotel room, or other residential accommodations, make sure that you integrate your choice into the broader interior vision, and either find the piece you love and then work outwards into complementary beds, nightstands, decor, and integrated home designs. Or work inwards from the existing pieces to the perfect accent or complementary dressers.