Modern Counter StoolsContemporary Counter Height Bar Stools

Contemporary counter-height bar stools are designed to serve as the perfect bar stools for your counter height space needs. The beautiful blend of design, functionality, and material components will provide an aesthetically pleasing complement to your existing space and surrounding interior design theme. Just make sure to select the right height for your stools (counter stools are shorter than bar height bar stools) and make sure the pieces integrate seamlessly into the overall look and feel of the room.

Contemporary Counter Height Bar StoolsWhat are Modern Counter Stools?

Knowing the difference between bar stools and counter stools is essential for selecting the proper seating for your bar table, bar top, counter, or similar type of space. Modern counter stools are between 23″ and 26″ tall, compared to between 28″ and 31″ for bar stools. These several inches of difference can be a mile when it comes to achieving the right height for sitting and enjoying. Modern counter stools, in addition to being able to shift between 23 and 26 inches depending on your height, comfort level, and spacing needs, are designed around the principles of modernist ideals and modern furniture fundamentals, with an emphasis on stainless steel, reflective polished surfaces, technological inspirations, and advanced materials that enhance the simplicity of the core beauty without bogging the stools down in heavy ornamentation or unnecessary complexity. 

Modern Counter Height Bar StoolsWhat are Contemporary Counter Stools?

Contemporary counter stools are counter height stools that incorporate contemporary design features into the craftsmanship. This style evolves the best elements of modernism into a simplicity of aesthetic and visual beauty that enhances the light and flow of the room and home while evoking a sense of a fresh and stunning present and future rather than the bulky burdens of the past. Whether you are looking for Italian leather, concepts revolving around polished stainless steel, minimalist seating, designs with strong backs, or just the stools that strike the best balance in your personal preference, you will be able to find the pieces you want at the cost that best intersects price and value.

Here at SoBe Furniture we encourage comparison shopping because inevitably the customer realizes our value and returns for the purchase.

Contemporary Counter StoolsWhat is the difference between modern counter height bar stools and the contemporary version?

When you are purchasing counter stools, the terms contemporary and modern can essentially be used interchangeably, for while the design principles are different, and reflect different time periods and thought process (albeit with some overlap), the terms when used in relation to modern furniture, are essentially reflective of the same ideals. Modern counter-height bar stools are a synergy of the best elements from modern and contemporary designs and will be at their very best when they strike a resonance of timeless elegance and sophistication.