SoBe Furniture Warranty Information

This is the policy and information relating to the furniture warranty program. 


SoBe Furniture neither grants nor implies any warranties on any products. All warranties provided, if any, are Manufacturer’s Warranties. Warranty paperwork is typically included in the packaging of the product. Many manufacturers who provide a warranty prefer to handle warrant claims directly. Should you need warranty service, we will assist you in contacting the manufacturer. In select cases, SoBe Furniture may assist in providing warranty service. In those cases, SoBe Furniture will charge a fee for warranty administration, as well as freight charges, pick-up fees, and delivery fees, if incurred. SoBe Furniture will refuse warranty claims based on the following:

  1. Accidental stains caused by any food or beverage, human or pet bodily fluids, grass, grease, ballpoint pen ink, marker, nail polish, nail polish remover, gum, cosmetics, lipstick, and crayon.
  2. Accidental damage from rips, tears, cuts, burns, and punctures
  3. Claims made outside the manufacturer’s warranty coverage period

For quality control purposes and verification, SoBe Furniture reserves the right to request photographs of the defective merchandise prior to processing a warranty claim. Most manufacturers’ warranties include repair or replacement of defective parts. They do not include the following: 1) Loss of use or time, inconvenience, expense or travel while parts are in the process of replacement or repair is in progress; 2) Coverage of leather and fabric against fading or discoloration from exposure to elements, oils, spills, fluids or chemicals; and 3) Buckling or splitting of veneers resulting from exposure to moisture and/or heat. In no event shall SoBe Furniture’s responsibility exceed the value of the originally purchased merchandise. Please see the “Warranty Claims” section below for details on filing a warranty claim.


SoBe Furniture offers, but does not require the purchase of, furniture protection plans. Furniture protection plans are optional and can only be purchased at the same time as the merchandise that they cover. For merchandise to be covered under one of SoBe Furniture’s protection plans, the protection plan MUST be explicitly itemized within the same invoice as the merchandise. If a furniture protection plan is not purchased, SoBe Furniture neither grants nor implies any warranties on any products. All warranties provided, if any, are Manufacturer’s Warranties.

For more information about the protection plans that SoBe Furniture offers, please contact SoBe Furniture at (888) 713-SOBE (7623).


Floor Model Merchandise is sold in “AS IS” CONDITION. Floor Model Merchandise does not carry any warranties, neither from the manufacturer, nor from SoBe Furniture. Floor Model Merchandise is NOT eligible to be covered under any protection plans.


Customer service is of the utmost importance to SoBe Furniture. For SoBe Furniture to effectively assist you in processing a warranty claim we ask that you follow the two steps below:

  1. Document the defect(s) to the fullest extent possible. The more documentation that you are able to provide, the better SoBe Furniture will be able to assist you in processing your claim. If applicable, we ask that you take a minimum of three photos, each from a different angle and/or distance, in order to best illustrate the defect(s).
  2. Email your name, invoice number, purchase date and a written explanation of the defect(s), as well the documentation (photos, videos, etc.), to [email protected]

SoBe Furniture will promptly respond to all warranty claims. If the manufacturer’s warranty has expired, SoBe Furniture will notify you that the piece is no longer under warranty, and whenever possible, offer low-cost alternatives to address the defect(s).