What are Modern Office Bookcases?

Modern Office BookcaseA modern office bookcase is a tall furniture piece with vertical shelving inside of an outer frame designed for storing documents, home decor items, books, boxes, magazines, or items best suited to complement the visual framework of the shelf or section they are stored on. Typically designed using some blend of modern design materials including beautiful woods, steel, glass, high gloss lacquers, technologically inspired plastics, or other modernistic structural components, the modern office bookcase deviates from the traditional bookcase in the flow and simplicity of the aesthetic design. A good piece will seem to float rather than sit heavily and will enhance the interior design of your office or room in a manner that draws the eye and graces the space with a light and pleasant flow.

What is a Contemporary Bookcase?

Contemporary BookcaseA contemporary bookcase in terms of modern furniture design will be synonymously labeled as modern, contemporary, or modern contemporary. Adhering to the principles of the design flow, it will be a matter of taste from among the popular trending choices that evoke a feeling of fresh newness and vibrant timelessness that hints at the future rather than dwelling in the past. When shopping for modern or contemporary bookcases, ensure that you do not settle for the same pieces at twice the price as many companies will mark up their costs 30% or more to pretend to discount during sales or to lure designers in with percentage payment programs that will require them to persuade you to buy at a higher premium. And don’t settle for similar looking pieces that will fall apart in half the time from companies that sell poor quality imitations from overseas manufacturing. These latter businesses will be able to charge much less, making you feel like you got the best deal, yet the products will not hold up to the test of time.

Modern Bookcase or Contemporary Bookcase: What’s the Difference?

Modern BookcaseModern bookcases are designed with aesthetics in mind and will hold your books, documents, and decor with a grace and sophisticated elegance that is pleasing to the senses.A modern bookcase will provide a visual focal point for your home office and should be integrating into the interior design structure of the room, complementing the desk, chair, decor, and other furnishings. The difference between this and a contemporary bookcase refers to whether the designer adheres to the strict principles of modern design or incorporates popular trending elements that bring the design style more into the present.
In relative terms, modern contemporary is the overarching category and either term can be used somewhat interchangeably to describe the pieces sold at modern furniture stores.