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About SoBe Furniture

Looking for contemporary furniture near me? How about the best furniture stores near me? Located at 6599 N Federal Blvd in Boca Raton between Yamato and Linton on furniture row, SoBe is conveniently located for your South Florida shopping needs.

Finding the Best Furniture Stores Near Me

The best furniture stores near me in South Florida are in Boca Raton. SoBe Furniture has quickly established itself as a preferred one-stop modern living destination for home owners and interior designers alike, offering a selection of over 10,000 beautiful modern and contemporary products, many of which are readily available.

Extraordinary Modern Furniture Retailers

What makes the “SoBe Furniture experience” different from that of most modern furniture retailers is the high level of personal attention you can expect to receive. We are not your ordinary run-of-the-mill modern furniture retailers.

Hand Curated Selection

With over 10,000 products to choose from, SoBe Furniture gives you the freedom to select pieces that complement your unique style, and with our assistance, design the home of your dreams!

Superior Quality

SoBe Furniture features one-of-a-kind pieces from some of the finest furniture manufacturers in the world, including brand names from Italy, Spain, Germany, Portugal and the USA.

The Absolute Best Prices

We believe that you can furnish the home of your dreams without spending a fortune! SoBe offers an extensive selection of high-quality, modern designs at prices that are a fraction of other high-end furniture stores.

Availability On Your Timetable

Here at the SoBe South Beach Furniture Company, any contemporary home furnishings, furniture pieces, or products in-stock and available for white glove delivery within one to three weeks.

South Beach Furniture Company

SoBe Furniture is the consummate South Beach Furniture Company. Though our current showroom is in Boca Raton, we started in South Beach and provide the ultimate array of options designed around the South Beach decor and design model. SoBe Furniture stands for South Beach Furniture and our selection of upscale modern furniture and modern trendy furniture is unrivaled.

Modern Beach Furniture

If you are looking for the best selection of high-grade modern & contemporary designs at the best price points possible without sacrificing any of the quality you expect from elegantly sophisticated pieces, then the SoBe South Beach Furniture company is the best of the best across South Florida.

Contemporary Home Furnishings

Not just sophisticated furniture, SoBe offers the full selection of contemporary home furnishings from Argentinean cowhide rugs, modern home decor, mirrors, accent pieces, and everything you need to make your interior design perfect. When you are ready to give your home the contemporary home furnishings it needs to improve the flow and aesthetics, browse online and then come window shop in our contemporary store.

Designer Furniture Store

Wherever you live in South Florida, the best place to buy modern furniture is in the heart of Boca Raton, and every trip is worth its weight in gold as you will save big and find the pieces you love at the prices you can’t live without. Our contemporary store will fulfill all of your modern furniture house needs.

Modern Designer Furniture

Often referred to as modern beach furniture, modern trendy furniture, upscale modern furniture, and modern designer furniture, our contemporary store specializes in every facet of providing the ultimate selection of top-quality pieces at affordable price points. We don’t inflate margins.

Contemporary Furniture Near Me

Get the best answer to the question of where to find contemporary furniture near me. With thousands of beautiful modern and contemporary products to choose from, including our very own line of custom-made furniture, all at prices that are a fraction of other high-end furniture stores, we are confident that with our assistance you will be able to design the home of your dreams!

Contemporary Furniture Companies

Of all the contemporary furniture companies, we pride ourselves on providing an unparalleled level of customer service and attention. We understand that each individual is unique and that your home is a reflection of your distinct personality. Our goal is to listen to your vision and to leverage our product and design expertise to bring that vision to fruition. Visit our contemporary furniture Boca Raton store for more info or to buy modern furniture.

Upscale Modern Furniture

Other contemporary furniture companies attack you with salespeople who are only interested in the immediate sale. We are looking to build long term relationships and understand that sometimes you want to be left alone to shop in peace or do some uninterrupted comparison shopping before deciding where to buy.

Modern Trendy Furniture

What is modern trendy furniture? This is simply modern furniture with a contemporary flair utilizing the latest designer trends to create a style that is exceptionally popular. By definition, modern contemporary is almost always incredibly trendy because of the timeless nature of the aesthetics and the way that the design strips away all the heavy and unnecessary elements to reveal the clean simple beauty of the materials and shapes.

Contemporary Furniture Sale

Looking for a contemporary furniture sale? Browse through our modern and contemporary clearance section for hot buys, sales items, discounted pieces, and floor models. You can also come into our Boca Raton showroom and talk to a specialist about any modern furniture sale opportunities.

Buy Modern Furniture

Don’t let budget stand in the way of your wanting to buy from our ultra modern furniture stores. We offer amazing 12 and 24-month financing packages and are in the works to improve this process with a new company and offer even better opportunities for financing. If you don’t need financing, just make sure you shop contemporary furniture from Sobe as we have the best combination of quality, price, and selection.

Contemporary Store

Modern contemporary furniture stores are not all the same. Many people associate modern furniture companies with contemporary white furniture, and while there is a great deal of beautiful modern white furniture available, the best modern furniture stores and contemporary furniture websites have amazing color and material selections.

Modern Furniture House Designs

Modern décor stores offer their own hand selected array of modern beach furniture and modern designer furniture. No two modern furniture companies are going to have the same selection or quality or pricing. The key is to find a few items that are the same, or close, then compare those items prices to figure out which premium furniture stores are overcharging.

Modern Furniture Sale

Some of the best modern furniture sale items and events are found by searching and browsing contemporary furniture websites for clearance and hot buy sections. The best modern furniture stores, and traditional premium furniture stores will have periodic sales items for budget conscious shoppers. Just browse often and stay patient.

Contemporary Furniture Websites

Contemporary furniture websites are great places to do research, figure out general ideas of what you like, and search for the modern furniture shop by your location. Just remember, that when it comes to modern contemporary furniture stores, and furniture shops in general, you should expand your travel area to 60 miles as you will find better options and prices on the pieces that you will see daily for years.

Modern White Furniture

Modern white furniture and white contemporary furniture are two of the hallmarks of modern contemporary furniture stores. This is because contemporary and modern are both associated with clean pristine designs that open a room in a light and airy manner as opposed to weighing the space down with heavy ornamentation and oppressively hefty designs.

Contemporary White Furniture

While white is a great color to open up a space for better flow and provide a great clean backdrop for your interior design, don’t pigeon hole yourself into only white, as often the blend of natural tones and light colors with splashes of brighter accents is the true key to getting the interior design style you will truly love and appreciate for the long haul.

Best Modern Furniture Stores

Looking for designer furniture near me? The truth is that no matter where you live, there are bound to be modern style furniture stores nearby. The key is not to simply take the easy route and settle for whatever is close. Hands down, the best modern furniture shop is in Boca Raton because of the low margins on high-quality items, wide selection, and amazing staff. Many clients travel from all over the state to make sure they get the purchases right.

Modern Contemporary Furniture Stores

Shop contemporary furniture and modern designer furniture from the ease of your own home by window shopping online.

White Modern Furniture

White modern furniture is a classic staple of modernism because the style was shucking off the yoke of prior design styles like Victorian that focused in the heavy and dark. The contemporary element in white contemporary furniture is because of the trendy popularity, and the way that white acts as a clean canvas to enhance the other colors and material elements.

Ultra Modern Furniture Stores

Modern and contemporary furniture stores are often thought of as the high-end of the furniture spectrum, and in many cases, this is true on an individual piece by piece basis. But when you are spending thousands of dollars to furnish one room, and walk away from the “cheaper” furniture stores with monthly financing charges on items you settled for, then you missed the bigger picture. You may as well pay a bit more monthly to get the furniture you will be thrilled with.

Designer Furniture Near Me

If you live in South Florida, come to furniture row in Boca Raton, and stop by our SoBe showroom to window shop the designer furniture you will love. Then do some comparison shopping and realize that we are indeed offering the best value and quality on the pieces you love.

Modern Décor Stores

The best modern décor stores are the ones that specialize in modern furniture as these shops make their money by integrating décor into the overall interior design and offering the pieces that best fit the color scheme, material components, clean aesthetics, and room by room structure of the furniture setups.

Premium Furniture Stores

Premium modern and contemporary furniture stores are not all created equal. Some stores raise their prices by 30-50% above normal margins. Others mass manufacture overseas and cut out the distributor to reduce their overhead. You want to avoid both of these as the first just require you to pay more for the same quality. The latter save you money but at the expense of top quality.

Modern and Contemporary Furniture Stores

There is a definite rank and file to modern and contemporary furniture stores, and though some may seem to have significantly lower prices on similar items, that is because they are mass manufacturing overseas and the internal quality will not hold up. Be wary of prices too low. Once you rule those places out, find the best intersection of price and value on the styles you love.

Furniture Stores Modern

Though the adjective is following the noun in these cases, the meaning is essentially the same, and furniture stores modern are the same as modern furniture stores just as furniture stores contemporary are the same as contemporary furniture stores.

Modern Furniture Companies

When selecting the designer furniture store and modern furniture contemporary company to purchase from when refreshing a room or giving your new home a distinct interior design, make sure you understand that the biggest names in the business are going to come with the worst long term service and loyalty. Don’t purchase until you have visited the SoBe contemporary furniture Boca Raton showroom or you may regret it later.

White Contemporary Furniture

Contemporary white furniture from a designer furniture store will often include an array of white Italian leather options against molded wood or stainless steel frameworks. Just make sure you incorporate bursts of color in your accent furniture or home décor to really pop against the white pieces.

Shop Contemporary Furniture

Visit ultra modern furniture stores in Boca, specifically SoBe Furniture on furniture row just south of Delray Beach on Federal Avenue. Our selection of modern furniture contemporary styles is only rivaled by our well-informed staff of specialists and beautiful layout featuring the best of the best options at the very lowest prices.

Modern Contemporary Furniture Sale

When you are spending thousands of dollars on a few pieces, or tens of housands of dollars on an entire room or home, then you want to not only get the items you love but at the prices that best reflect the quality. Keeping an eye out for a modern contemporary furniture sale, buying in the slower offseason, and asking for discounts at certain spend levels are great ways to maximize your dollar value.

Modern Furniture Contemporary

Find designer furniture near me with modern style furniture stores in Boca. Going north on I-95, get off at Yamato East (right), then go down and turn left onto Federal and it is a mile or two up. It will be on your left. Heading south on I-95, make sure to exit at Linto East (left), then go down and turn right onto Federal. It will be on your right.

Furniture Stores Contemporary

Modern furniture house designs turn out perfect or leave a lot to be desired depending on who does your interior design, how good your eye for personal style is, and whether you build around a central theme of white modern furniture or branch out and incorporate more colorful contemporary elements and beautiful tones.

We offer all the best colors, compositions, materials, designs, seasonal styles, and latest trends to select from.

Modern Style Furniture Stores

Looking for a contemporary furniture sale? Most high-end shops will discount your purchases the more you spend. Or they will have discount sections on their website. If you are patient and do comparison shopping, you will find a few similar pieces in multiple stores. A little patience will serve you well and most likely you will end up at SoBe because of the quality of the staff and no-pressure helpful experience.

Modern Furniture Shop

Whether you call it them furniture stores modern style, furniture stores contemporary style, or any other combination, the best place to buy modern contemporary furniture is in the north Boca furniture row on Federal. Call, email, or just come by to SoBe to see why.