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What is a Modern Sofa?

A modern sofa is relatively long furniture piece designed to provide seating for two or more people, and the modern style refers to the design principles from the modern era, which emphasize the simplicity of form and design to reduce overly ornamental aspects and really allow the core beauty of the piece to shine through in your interior setting. The sofa or couch is one of the most common furniture items in American homes and is typically upholstered to allow for comfortable relaxing in front of the entertainment area, hosting guests, talking, and other forms of light inside recreation.

What is a Contemporary Sofa?

A contemporary sofa is designed in the context of contemporary engineering, with an emphasis of what is current and trending, and often incorporates elements of modern design to emphasize the simplicity of form and line within the context of the contemporary material selections, shapes, and evolved design concepts. Contemporary sofas include fabric and leather, often include stainless steel legs, and lean toward the higher spectrum of cost as they are by definition, often in high demand for their cutting edge and timeless elements.