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What is a Modern Living Room Sectional?

Unlike the more traditional or conventional sofas, modern sectionals derive their name from a composition of separate individual segments or sections that can be integrated together in a variety of possible combinations to better utilize the spatial dimensions you have available or provide the optimal level of comfort or design for your living room. Modern sectionals refer to the design style umbrella that the sectional falls in, and refers to the modern era when designers were moving away from the overly ornate Victorian and Traditional styles of heavy furniture towards a lighter and simpler beautify that is defined by clean lines, aesthetic flow, and a refined feel inherent in the choice of materials and composition.

What is a Contemporary Living Room Sectional

Like a modern sectional, a contemporary living room sectional refers to a sectional sofa that has multiple possible configurations and segments designed under the umbrella of contemporary engineering styles. Often blended with the aesthetic beauty of the modern furniture era, contemporary builds on trends, popular elements, and the evolution of what is hot in current design to add a contemporary flair to the simple aesthetics of modern beauty in furniture. High-end custom contemporary living room sectionals are often high-grade leather, usually from Italy or another European nation, and built around a core of master craftsmanship, elegant shapes, and top-grade materials.