Modern Buffet and Contemporary Buffet

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What is a Contemporary Server?

Contemporary Server A contemporary server is a shorter and smaller version of a contemporary buffet or sideboard, with more of a formal feel and design. A contemporary server is designed to act as both a storage cabinet for whatever you want to place inside the shelves or drawers (like plate-ware, glasses, napkins, table cloths, or anything else you prefer to have handy to your dining room), as well as to act as a table-top place to hold the food and serving dishes while it is being served.

What is a Modern Dining Room Buffet?

Modern Dining Room BuffetA modern dining room buffet is a beautiful piece of cabinetry furniture set in the dining room to both accentuate the interior design of the room and act as a storage cabinet for plates, cups, bowls, napkins, or other forms of dining ware or kitchen items you prefer to store in it. The primary difference between a cabinet or sideboard is the location, as a modern dining room buffet is designed to be used in the dining room rather than the hall or living room. It should be selected as a complementary piece to the dining room table and chairs, as well as fit well into the interior flow of the home design.

What is a Modern Server?

A modern server is a formal piece of dining room storage furniture that is often lighter and smaller than a buffet with drawers and an open bottom, or storage cabinets, depending upon the design. If a modern server has drawers and no cabinets then it often has taller legs. In terms of modern furniture, the terms buffet and server can be relatively interchangeable as you are selecting based on the look, feel, design, size, and fit, rather than the necessity of having to use it for the traditional purposes.

What is the difference between a modern and contemporary dining room buffet?

Contemporary BuffetThe difference between a modern and a contemporary dining room buffet is negligible when it comes to modern furniture design. Though the two design concepts have substantial differences when compared in a vacuum, the bulk of modern furniture is actually a blend of modern and contemporary styles, incorporating the best of both worlds to strip away the heavy and unnecessary elements to leave a clean airy aesthetically beautiful piece of furniture that glows from the simplicity of form and selection of materials and colors. When choosing a contemporary dining room buffet, do not be deterred by whether it is labeled as modern or contemporary. Select the piece that resonates with your personal tastes while integrating seamlessly into the overarching interior design flow you have either already incorporated or will be putting into place.

What is a Modern Dining Room Storage?

Modern Dining Room StorageModern dining room storage can either be simply another term for a buffet with a low-level surface and cabinets or drawers, or it can be a creatively larger piece designed for more than just being a server or buffet. Some traditional modern dining room storage pieces are taller and hold glasses as well, but from a modern design and furniture standpoint, the storage pieces are usually smaller and less obtrusive, acting as both a functional unit and an accent piece for your dining room interior. Typically a blend of wood and stainless steel or polished metal, they can also be a clean white or black lacquer with beautiful modern shapes and designs.