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The core of every good patio furniture ensemble is the dining set, though it is more often used for breakfast, brunch, lunch, and late afternoon snacks than it is for dining. The key to selecting the right modern patio set for your home is to understand the spacial limitations (if any), the manner in which you plan on utilizing the patio furniture, and your personal aesthetics.

Is the set strictly for two? Do you plan on hosting family, friends, or guests? If so, are you most likely to host two, four, or six? These all factor into the size of the set you will want to invest in.

Is this for a large balcony? Do you have a small patio? Or is this for a larger backyard where space is not a constraint? These factors will also help determine both the size of your patio set, and which pieces will be the most useful to add to the core set for additional seating and comfort.

Do you prefer wicker? What about aluminum? These are the two primary choices for core material when selecting patio sets and they will determine the selection you have available.

Selecting the Perfect Modern Patio Set for You

Once you know the space you are working with, the number of seats you will need, and the materials you prefer, it becomes a matter of comparison shopping to find the aesthetics that appeal to your personal preferences. Modern contemporary patio sets are more streamlined and often look much nicer than their traditional counterparts because they have to maintain a level of quality and structural integrity that leads to a simple, smooth, and aesthetically pleasing look.

Make sure to shop around to get a feel for all the options you have available, while noting the ones you like. It is often helpful to pick the first one you really like as a default, and then compare each new set against that one to determine whether you like it more. Each time you like the new one more, that one becomes the default that you are comparing against. In this way, you will slowly narrow down your choices, and end with a clear winner or small selection of equal options to select from.