"I live in NY and just purchased a new luxury estate in South Florida. We already own high-end income properties across Boca, West Palm, Ft Lauderdale, Coral Gables, and Miami Beach. Between the interior of our new home and refreshing several of our rentals, we spent 3 months working with our designer, going to every store multiple times, ordering renderings, and comparison shopping thousands of pieces. Imagine our surprise when it was a boutique showroom in Boca that ended up with our business. In the end, they were spot on with the quality, price, and selection we wanted. And frankly, their level of care, detail, and service really separated them and blew us away on multiple occasions (well before they knew how much we wanted to spend - which came to about 182 thousand). From home visits to custom furniture designs to a multi-stage plan for final delivery, they made it look effortless and I really enjoyed working with their team through this process."

~Victoria B.

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Best Furniture Stores in South Florida

Where are we located? SoBe Furniture is located in East Boca Raton right below the Delray border on Furniture Row. Our beautiful showroom is less than an hour drive from almost anywhere in South Florida and worth stopping in regularly as we showcase a changing rotation of featured products from our over 5000 product selection.

Why Shop SoBe Furniture

• Better Prices: We Keep Our Margins the Lowest in the Industry

•Higher Quality: This Adds Years to the Life of Your Furniture

•Award-Winning Service: A Pressure-Free Shopping Experience

•No-Risk Purchases: Not Perfect For Your Home? Send it Back*

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June Update: We Are Now the Highest Ranked Furniture Store in South Florida

Furniture Stores in South FloridaSouth Florida furniture stores offer the full array from high end to low cost, modern to traditional, art deco to Victorian. Whatever your individual taste preferences, you can find what you are looking for when it comes to interior design and aligning your home furnishings with your sense of aesthetics.

Yet of all the options, one interior design type stands head and shoulders above the rest in South Florida (as well as New York, Los Angeles, and other large metropolitan areas with a strong culture and refined tastes).

So many customers don't even realize that Modern Contemporary is actually their preferred interior design type until they come into SoBe Furniture and fall in love with everything they see.

The best part. Though the furniture prices range from $$ to $$$, which puts a strain on many budgets, we offer amazing financing plans that can reduce pieces that cost several thousand down to tens of dollars per month.

Modern Furniture South Florida

Best Local Modern Furniture Stores in South Florida

Modern Furniture South FloridaAt SoBe, we look to supply South Florida with a vast array of modern furniture and contemporary furniture, all at unbelievable prices. Not only will you find one of the extensive furniture selections anywhere in South Florida, but most of SoBe Furniture's products are readily available for delivery. We look to serve South Florida; let us serve you!

There are two other reasons why there are so many furniture stores in South Florida. First, South Florida is home to many world-renowned designers. These designers have provided clients throughout South Florida with unique designs, tailor-made just for them. By creating demand for unique products and designs, furniture stores have sprouted up to supply the demand. Second, overall population trends have further fueled demand for furniture in South Florida. Not only has the population of South Florida grown tremendously over the last thirty years, but the amount of wealth that has been transferred to South Florida as a result of macro shifts has truly been staggering. Given furniture’s correlation to growth in the general population as well as the real estate market, it’s no surprise why there’s been such an increase in the number of South Florida furniture stores.

South Florida Furniture Stores

Where the Right Price Meets the Best Value

Contemporary Furniture South FloridaFurniture stores in South Florida collectively represent one of the most assorted furniture offerings in the United States, if not the world. Furniture in South Florida is so incredibly diverse, well, because the population of South Florida itself is extremely diverse. While Miami is a well-known melting pot – featuring large populations from the Caribbean, South America, and Europe – other parts of South Florida – such as Ft. Lauderdale, Boca Raton, and Palm Beach – are homes to many transplants from the northeast and Canada. With such a diverse population, it’s no surprise why there so many different furniture stores, all offering a wide variety of furniture styles.

Yet no matter where you come from, local or transplant, furniture row is the best place to shop for furniture, and SoBe is the best place for modern & contemporary design options.

We provide the high-end pieces at the low-end prices, and our staff of specialists are the most informed and understanding of the group, able to answer any questions you may have, always looking to help, but never overly pressure-some or rude. We strive to provide a pressure-free sales environment that is helpful and responsive.

Contemporary Furniture South Florida

Best Local Contemporary Furniture Stores in South Florida

Looking for the best local contemporary stores in South Florida. The three hubs are Fort Lauderdale, Miami, and Boca Raton, and of the three you are going to find the best value in Boca. Miami and Fort Lauderdale routinely suffer from inflated prices or disturbingly low quality parading as higher end. The good prices mask furniture that won't last, and the higher price tags cover the inflated margins of stores looking to rip you off.

Always do your research online then do your comparison shopping in person from store to store. Find a few common pieces and compare at different locations to determine which is offering it at the best intersection of price and value. That store is likely to be your best bet across the board.

Furniture Stores South Florida

Don't Get Fooled By Lesser Quality or Higher Prices

Furniture Stores South FloridaAs I mentioned before, try to avoid getting fooled by poor grade pieces or intense mark ups. Some stores mark up so they can pretend to have sales. Others provide lower grade interior quality and manufacturing practices overseas so that they can pretend to be the lowest price by several hundred dollars only to sell you an inferior piece that looks close but will fall apart and break down quicker.

Do your homework. Talk to the sales people. Get a feel for whether they seem real and honest or a bit slimy and just looking for the sale.

Then come visit us in SoBe and see for yourself why we hit that perfect place between price and value, and provide the best experience of them all.

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Not sure exactly what you want or prefer? That's perfectly fine and very normal. Most of us are visual shoppers. Feel free to Browse our wide selection online, or give us a call or come visit the Boca showroom.

If you are interested in learning more about the right modern contemporary bedroom furniture or you, sophisticated modern contemporary dining room furniture, elegant modern contemporary office furniture, or aesthetically appealing modern contemporary living room furniture, we make it easy to find the furniture you love. If you are bargain hunting for deals and specials, visit our modern contemporary clearance furniture section for hot buys or our wonderful home decor product area. And if you are furnishing your modern entertainment furniture home area, just glance through our array of contemporary TV stands and modern wall units.