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What is a Modern Cowhide Rug?

Cowhide area rugs make beautiful home decor as they serve a functional purpose of covering part of the floor, bringing together furniture in a central area, and adding either a pop of brighter colors or bringing together an array of surrounding colors to unify the interior design structure of a space. Each modern cowhide rug is stitched by hand in an intense process that creates a masterpiece of design and function. They are beautiful in person and really stand out, creating conversation pieces and the perfect room decor for common seating areas.

How Do I Choose the Right Cowhide Area Rug?

With over 120 options to choose from on our website, and dozens more that we can custom request, the key to selecting the perfect cowhide area rug for your home or room is to understand the colors of the surrounding furniture and the vision of your interior design. This type of rug can provide the pop of color or can enhance and bring together the surrounding colors in a more subtle manner. If you don’t have much color in your common area then you will want to explore whether adding some color would really being the space to life. If you have pops of color in the pillows, throw blankets, art pieces, home decor, or in other areas such as bright natural light or colorful walls, then your best bet is to pick a more reserved color scheme for your area rug. Simply make a list of all the colors you have in the nearby area including any large furniture pieces, and then select a rug that incorporates either an array of those hues or complementary hues.