Ask About Our Custom Modern Furniture

Here is all the information you need about our custom furniture program.

Looking for specific dimensions to fit your exact space?

Prefer a model you can’t find in our store or have seen in a different store?

Want a specific fabric that isn’t offered?

Or just want to put your own spin on the furniture you prefer?

We build custom artisan furniture down in our craft center in Miami, focusing primarily on sofas, sectionals, and beds. Choose the bed or sofa frame you love, or the style you want, or the dimensions you prefer, and don’t forget the fabric you can’t live without. We can do any or all of the above, made right here in America in an artisan craftmanship studio with the majority of the work done by hand.

Found a model at a different store that you want slightly different or just want to see if we can do a better price on?

Feel free to let us know and we can easily draw up a quote and timetable.

Just make sure to let us know as soon as you do so we can get you the information you need to make a timely decision and get you into the queue as quickly as possible to minimize the wait time. Depending on how many orders are before you, it can be anywhere from a week to a few months.

How It Works

Give us a call or come in and talk to a SoBe specialist in person at our Boca Raton showroom.

Simple, easy, and upfront process: no hidden fees or delays.

Let them know what you are thinking… from general ideas to detailed specifics… and a decorator or associate will help get the ball rolling and provide the information you need to make an informed decision. We will let you know the price up front, the timetable involved, and offer any professional advice on dimensional elements like seat height and depth, arm width, and color coordination within your existing interior design framework that you may want.

It’s that easy. Come by and visit us today to get started.