Shop Contemporary Bar Tables and Modern Counter Tables

Modern Counter TableModern contemporary bar tables and counter tables are a prize addition to a home, and provide a pleasant surface area for enjoying a drink, talking, sharing snacks, and hosting guests. Stylish and elegant, contemporary design styles add a pleasant trendy flair to the simple aesthetics of the modern designs, ensuring that the pieces are beautiful and work wonderfully to enhance the interior design while providing a useful function.

What are Contemporary Bar Tables?

Modern Bar TableContemporary bar tables are designed for indoor use in the dining room or other eating or drinking area of the home. They provide a tabletop or counter surface for enjoying time with friends, family, and guests, and act as beautiful accent pieces and functional decor for your interior home design. The clean contemporary and modern aesthetic feel provides a beautiful visual aesthetic for the room with a lighter and airy feel that often blends the beauty of polished metal and stainless steel with the lifting lightness of glass or high gloss surfaces.

What are Modern Bar Tables?

Contemporary Bar TableLike contemporary bar tables, modern bar tables provide a beautiful and sophisticated blend of function and decor. The flat top bar or counter surface is perfect for serving and sharing drinks, snacks, or small meals to your friends, guests, or family members. They also serve as game tables, craft tables, and functional surfaces for whatever else you may need it for. Just make sure to incorporate your choice of bar table or counter tables into the bigger interior design vision so as to accent and complement the surrounding pieces and focal point furniture. And make sure that you select the right sized stools to go with your table, as bar stools are designed for bar table heights while counter stools are designed for counter table heights. Here at SoBe, our bar stools are from 28-31 inches while our counter stools range from 23 to 26 inches, so there is a significant height difference. Just remember that bar stools are almost always the taller option.