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Shade is a critical component of a good patio ensemble, as is decor. Since you are outside, you often have the advantage of a view, some greenery, trees, plants, fresh air, sunshine, and warm winds to spice up the patio experience. But there is definitely a clear line between some welcome sunshine and too much. Nothing will ruin the perfect patio experience quicker than a bright glare, flushed faces, strained eyes, and uncomfortable levels of heat. This is why adding a patio umbrella to your table or chair set is a necessity if you do not already have the necessary levels of shade from the building, awnings, trees, angle of the backyard, or design features.

Often times people get a table with an umbrella in the center but realize later that it would be incredibly beneficial to have a stand-alone for use over lounge chairs or the coffee table for a more casual relaxing experience.

Modern Patio Pots

Pots are a necessity for potted plants, but they are an overlooked outdoor decor item that can add that perfect modern touch as a pleasant contrast to the natural flow.

A good modern pot adds a pop of color, even if that is an earthy brown or tan, and uses pleasant lines to create an aesthetic improvement that will result in a more relaxed and appealing environment

Pots are also great to flip upside down and place other pots on, add statues or secondary decor items to, or add craft elements to take to the next level of unique design and eye-catching personalized decor