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Modern Sleeper Sofa & Contemporary Sleeper Sofa

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Modern Futon

What is a modern futon?

Modern FutonA traditional futon is essentially a Japanese-style mattress, often quilted, made up of compressed layers of material such as cotton, latex, or wool, that is unfolded or rolled out to use for sleeping on a low wooden bed frame of slats or laid out on the floor. The most common American interpretation is a futon couch with a frame that unlocks to lay flat in a guest bed.   

The modern futon blends the best of these worlds into an appealing and aesthetically pleasing design that serves as both a couch (or chair) in a modern contemporary setting, and as a guest bed, or daybed when desired.   

Contemporary Sofa Chair

What is a contemporary sofa chair?

SoBe Furniture offers beautiful and luxurious contemporary sofa chair options that are a blend of the modern futon, a comfortable living room chair, a guest bed, and a day bed. Simply unfold from its standard contemporary design and relax on your elegant and yet amazingly comfortable living room bed option for a siesta or full night sleep. 

Modern Convertible Sofa

Modern Convertible SofaWhat is a modern convertible sofa?

A modern convertible sofa is the full-size version of the contemporary sofa chair and a relative synonym for the contemporary sleeper sofa or modern sleeper sofa. Select from an array of wonderful modern designs that look and feel like a luxurious couch yet can be easily converted into the perfect guest bed. 

Contemporary Sleeper Sofa

What is a contemporary sleeper sofa?

The only difference between a modern and contemporary sleeper sofa is the design style. Modern is founded in the modernist design while contemporary integrates an eclectic mix of periods and design elements to create the perfect design relevant for today's world. Yet when discussing furniture styles, they are essentially used interchangeably as the vast majority of modern furniture stores sell a blend of modern and contemporary furniture. 

Modern Convertible Furniture

What are modern convertible furniture pieces?

Contemporary Sleeper SofaHere at SoBe, we have several design options when it comes to modern convertible furniture. There are the smaller convertible single chairs that turn into small futon-based sleeper sofas. There are also double chair versions of the futon modern futon, which are two sleeper chairs on a swivel frame that can be connected to create a larger unfoldable bed. And lastly there are the full sofa sleeper versions which act as a more traditional convertible bed, and these beautiful modern pieces of furniture come with arms or without, and in a variety of color options.

Contemporary Futon

What are contemporary futons?

As mentioned above, the futon is simply the unfolding mattress version of a sleeper couch, and the contemporary futon just enhances the overall design and aesthetics of the more traditional versions, giving you a piece that is not only comfortable but attractive to own and use. 

Modern Sleeper Sofa

What is a modern sleeper sofa?

Modern Sleeper SofaThe modern sleeper sofa at SoBe is actually a sofa that is comprised of two independent mattresses that while in couch form, provide an intense level of comfort wrapped in a stunning modern design perfect for any contemporary or modern living room. When unfolded, the two mattresses come together to form a queen sleeping arrangement, and because the bed opens forward, you never have to move the frame to open it, even when pressed against a wall in the sofa form.