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Modern Kids Beds and Contemporary Kids Beds

Welcome to the bedroom department at SoBe furniture, where we feature a selection of modern kids beds for the modern kid's bedroom and contemporary kids beds for the contemporary kid's bedroom.

Though modern and contemporary are two distinct design styles, for the purposes of modern furniture, the terms can be used relatively interchangeably when searching for the right furniture for your home as they are most often a blend. 

The Modern Kids Bedroom

Looking to create a modern kids bedroom style that seamlessly blends with the bigger picture modern vision for your house?

The bed is the central focal piece of the bedroom and is accented by nightstands, dressers, benches, mirrors, and decor. When you want to create a modern feel to a child's bedroom, you absolutely have to ensure that the bed choice is selected from a modern design structure and integrated into the flow of the home through an understanding of how it fits in the existing lighting, wall co.lors, floor types, and surrounding rooms. 

The simple part about modern furniture is that it is very cooperative as modern furniture is all about the beauty in simplicity and unadorned geometric lines. Clean, light and neutral colors form the foundation, which is enhanced by beautiful materials like stainless steel, glass, Italian leather, beautifully molded woods, high gloss lacquers.

What are Modern Kids Beds?

What is a modern kids bed?

A modern kids bed is just a smaller version of a normal modern bed. The tenants of aesthetic beauty through material and form remain the same, but your child will definitely notice the lighter and airier feel to a modern kids bed than the heavy weighed down feeling that comes from traditional furniture. 

The Contemporary Kids Bedroom

Looking to create a contemporary kids bedroom feel that integrates with the modern contemporary interior design of your home?

As with the modern home, creating a contemporary kids bedroom is about incorporating contemporary design elements into the room. Light and white colors accented with pops of bright pillows, benches, art, or other home decor can give the room an uplifting and intensely beautiful environment that your child will love and thrive in. 

Or use the walls and floor as the light canvas, and allow your child to enjoy the beauty of contrasts against these tones while still adding the colors they love through artful decorations and accent pieces. 

What are Contemporary Kids Beds?

What is a contemporary kids bed?

A contemporary kids bed simply means one that is very trendy or popular at the present time, though it integrates concepts and the evolution of design across multiple periods and time frames. Contemporary kids beds take the best of the modern design world and give it a little something different to really stand out while keeping it aesthetically pleasing.