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Modern Wall Units & Contemporary Wall Units

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Contemporary Wall Units

What are contemporary wall units?

Modern Wall UnitsContemporary wall units are beautiful pieces of furniture that have gained immense popularity in the last 2-3 decades because of their wall covering design (either standing against a wall or structurally attached to it) and the multifunctional versatility of the separate and integrated compartments. Wall units are most commonly used as entertainment centers and large beautiful decor pieces.

The size of the wall units creates a significant presence in the home, drawing the eye, centering the flow of the room, and creating a strong conversational piece.

This is especially highlighted by the fact that an entertainment center is the focal piece of furniture in one of the most commonly utilized zones in a home, making it an integral component of your living room or entertainment area experience. 

The simplicity and lightness of contemporary design allow the large furniture item to flow and lift in a manner that creates a feeling of elegance and sophistication, while seamlessly integrating your wall unit into the larger interior design vision.

Modern Contemporary Wall Units

Looking for modern contemporary wall units?

When it comes to furniture design, modern & contemporary are used somewhat interchangeably as synonyms for the same lines. They represent popular trends, the simplicity of design and function, beautiful material options, and an array of aesthetically pleasing choices based on your personal tastes and bigger interior vision. Don’t settle for the same pieces at twice the price. And don’t settle for similar looking pieces that will fall apart in half the time. SoBe Furniture offers

Since this is such a large piece of furniture, and central in utility, it is vital not to settle for the same pieces at twice the price, or worse, settle for similar looking pieces that will lose their vibrancy and fall apart in half the time.

Modern Wall Units

What are modern wall units?

Contemporary Wall UnitsModern wall units are stunning and functional entertainment center pieces that attach or stand against the wall. The modern design emphasizes the stripping away of all the unnecessary elements and heavy excesses to create the simple, aesthetically appealing, and timeless perfect bare bones representation of fresh inspiration, technological innovation, and a conveyance of the present and future rather than the past. 

Rather than overbearing and ponderous, modern wall units flow seamlessly into the rest of the room and seem to float rather than sit heavily against your living room wall.