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Furniture stores in Boca Raton, Florida, have traditionally focused on well, more-traditional furniture.

Lately, however, there has been a growing trend among Boca Raton furniture stores to become ever-more modern, as the modern and contemporary styles that once were mostly contained in Miami have expanded north into Ft. Lauderdale and now into Boca Raton.

Leading the pack of Boca Raton furniture stores specializing in modern and contemporary pieces and designs is SoBe Furniture.

SoBe Furniture is not the ordinary furniture stores in Boca Raton, Florida as we specialize in modern & contemporary designs – and our prices fall into the $$$ category.

What our Boca customers think of us…

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“Hands down my favorite modern furniture store in South Florida and we have shopped in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and West Palm. It’s definitely a more pleasant shopping experience but I make all my decisions based on price and quality so it was a true delight that they were able to excel in those areas as well. They have really been evolving lately. More selection. And delivery is such a breath of fresh air compared to well… some of the others.”



Boca Raton Furniture Stores: Shop the Best

Modern furniture is now becoming increasingly desired in Boca, and slowly expanding across Florida, for a number of important reasons that are driving the popularity.

One reason is that many designers who at one time focused their efforts exclusively in Miami have now expanded into the burgeoning Boca Raton furniture market. Given that many of these designers specialized in modern and contemporary interior designs, their influence began to push modern aesthetics into the Boca furniture stores.

Top Furniture Stores – Boca Raton, Florida

A surge in new developments and condo refreshes has also begun thrusting modern designs into the beach front and interior areas.

When you think furniture Boca Raton Fl, most people now associate the thought with clean current designs that have moved away from heavy ornamentation towards a more simple and refined aesthetically-pleasing feel.

As with new developments in Miami, developers and construction companies north of Dade county began using materials, color schemes, and material elements that better complemented a modern contemporary interior design. Boca furniture stores, responding to this trend, began offering an array of beds, desks, sofas, sectionals, and bedroom, living room, dining room, and office-based furniture options from contemporary lines.

Sophisticated Modern Designs at the Best Prices

Lastly, the transplant population – especially from New York and parts of Canada, where modern furniture was already popular – has dramatically increased the demand for furniture stores in Boca Raton, Florida, that offer the latest and greatest in these areas.

First, ordinary and more traditional Boca Raton furniture stores began putting out a small section or single line. s more and more owners became aware of the growing demand for modern furniture, they began stocking an increasing number of modern collections.

Best Boca Furniture Shopping

As more and more owners became aware of the growing demand for modern furniture, they began stocking an increasing number of modern collections.

The majority of these transplants have a good eye for quality and price, and they inevitably end up in SoBe because of our value as the best South Florida source for the high end durably-made contemporary & modern furniture at the better price points. They know the difference between Made in America quality and overseas mass furniture manufacturing in China and Asia to reduce margins (at the cost to the consumer).

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No furniture store serves Boca Raton with a better modern furniture selection than SoBe. If you take the time to fully explore the SoBe Furniture website, you’ll see why we’re one of Boca Raton’s most popular modern furniture stores!

Even if you aren’t specifically looking for modern furniture, we encourage you to come in and peruse our selection as you will be amazed by how beautiful and comfortable it all is, with clean aesthetically pleasing designs that leave you feeling refreshed and renewed. There is a reason that modern is one of the most popular styles in the world, and when you blend contemporary, you get the best of all worlds when it comes to furniture and home design.

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If you prefer to pay over time, we offer great financing packages to reduce your cost down to monthly payments with no interest.

If you live in South Florida and you are looking to refresh your home, furnish a new home, decorate a new room, replace a single piece, give a vacation condo the perfect feel, or in any way upgrade the interior design of one or more of your residential properties, then whether you know it or not, you are looking for furniture in Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale, or Miami. These are the three main hubs for what you want, and while there are pros and cons to all three areas, the comparison shopping you do will inevitably lead you to the southern tip of Palm Beach County, where in the heart of furniture row, SoBe Furniture stands like a beacon of modern and contemporary light against the darkness.

The intersection of price and value is perfect here. Don’t be fooled into paying higher prices for the same value by stores trying to inflate their margins in order to charge more. And similarly, don’t be fooled into paying less for items that often look similar upon first glance, but are mass manufactured overseas and will fall apart and show their internal quality within a few years.