Modern Furniture Stores

Modern furniture stores have come to define Miami’s furniture landscape. In no city is modern furniture more prevalent than in Miami. This phenomenon has come about for a few different reasons.


One reason that modern furniture has become popularized throughout Miami – and now increasingly other parts of South Florida – is because of the proliferation of high-rise condos. Condos, for the most part, tend to lend themselves to modern furniture because of their spacing and their views. While traditional furniture is typically very large, ornate and bulky  – consuming large amounts of space and blocking beautiful ocean views – modern furniture tends to be more compact and streamlined. Obviously, if you’re purchasing a condo for its magnificent views, the last things you want to do is to block those view. Given that modern furniture tends to be significantly lower than other styles of furniture, featuring a view free from blockage is now a staple of any modern home experience.


Condos also tend to be less spacious than houses. As mentioned above, given that modern furniture tends to be lower and more streamlined than other types of furniture, not only does modern furniture fit better within tighter spaces, but modern furniture’s minimalist designs tend to make the condo appear more spacious than it actually is, without compromising function and utility.


Another reason contributing to modern furniture’s popularity in Miami and South Florida is the aesthetic blend with the newer, more-modern condos that are being constructed. While older homes tended to use materials than meshed better with other types of furniture, many of the newer condos that were built in the 90’s and 2000’s (and are still being built), themselves were built with modern elements, designs and materials. Obviously, more-traditional furniture would look unappealing in an otherwise modern condo, hence modern furniture became the logical choice for customers and designers alike.


Lastly, the South American and European influence cannot be overstated when speaking about the proliferation of modern furniture in Miami. In many ways, modern furniture has been ahead of the curve in Europe and select cities in South America. This is partially due to inherent cultural differences and the fact that in many of these cities real estate prices were much higher, thereby making spaces much tighter. And as mentioned above, when space is at a premium, modern furniture tends to be the style of choice.


Given all these factors is it not surprising that modern furniture has become the overwhelming favorite style of furniture in Miami, and now, in Ft. Lauderdale, Boca Raton and other parts of South Florida as well. As a company that specializes in furnishing the modern home, SoBe Furniture stocks over 10,000 modern furniture items at unbeatable prices!