Modern Furniture in Boca Raton

Furniture stores in Boca Raton have traditionally, well, focused on more-traditional furniture. Lately however, there has been a growing trend among Boca Raton furniture stores to become ever-more modern, as the modern and contemporary styles that once were mostly contained in Miami have expanded north into Ft. Lauderdale and now into Boca Raton. Leading the pack of modern furniture stores in Boca Raton is of course SoBe Furniture.


Modern furniture is now becoming increasingly popular in Boca Raton for a number of reasons. One reason is that many designers who at one time focused their efforts exclusively in Miami have now expanded into the burgeoning Boca Raton furniture market. Given that many of these designers were already accustomed to designing around modern furniture, their influence began to push modern furniture into Boca Raton and Boca Raton’s furniture stores.


A surge in new developments and condo refreshes has also begun pushing modern furniture into Boca Raton and Boca Raton furniture stores. As with new developments in Miami, developers and construction companies began using materials, color schemes and elements that better complemented more-modern designs. Boca Raton furniture stores, responding to demand for more-modern furniture, have begun supplying modern and contemporary furniture to Boca Raton.


Lastly, the transplant population – especially from New York and parts of Canada, where modern furniture was already popular – has increased the demand for modern furniture in Boca Raton. As furniture stores in Boca Raton became aware of growing demand for modern furniture, they began stocking an increasing number of modern collections.


Of course, no furniture store serves Boca Raton with a better modern furniture selection than SoBe Furniture. If you take the time to fully explore the SoBe Furniture website, you’ll see why we’re one of Boca Raton’s most popular modern furniture stores!