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Modern Mirrors and Contemporary Mirrors

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Contemporary Mirrors

Contemporary MirrorsWhat are modern mirrors?

Modern mirrors are minimalist mirrors with stunning designer frames that can be wood, steel, reflective glass, high gloss custom plastics, molded plywood, or other technologically innovative materials that emphasize the beauty of the piece without compromising its integrity with unnecessary excesses or decorations. 

A silver glass mirror is a type of mirror that adds a coating of silver to the back surface to produce a high-resolution beautiful reflection before proofing the back surface with additional layers to protect against acidic degradation, moisture, or other harmful environmental conditions.   

If you are looking for the perfect mirror to complement your space, do not worry about whether to purchase in a contemporary or modern style, as these are terms used interchangeably when it comes to modern furniture. 

The more important element to focus on is ensuring that the decor element of the frame fits into your existing design structure and appeals to your personal tastes.

Modern Mirrors

Modern MirrorsWhat are modern mirrors?

Modern mirrors are designed in a way to enhance the aesthetic beauty of the mirror and add beautiful bursts of color or subtle decor in a manner that does not detract from the integral stunning nature of the central mirror. 

Modern mirrors are most commonly used in the living room, bedroom, as home decor pieces, on top of dressers, or as full length stand alone furniture pieces for dressing areas, common rooms, guest quarters, bathrooms, and spaces where the interior design vision wants to enhance the flow, feel, light, airiness, or decorative power of a specific area.